Yamaha PSR-290 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-290 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-290 Keyboard For Sale

The PSR-290 is an affordable 61-key Touch Response keyboard with over 600 voices, including the industry’s best Portable Grand™ Piano voice. Flash ROM makes it possible to download songs from the Internet and store them. A large backlit LCD display makes better information exchange possible. Learn to play with the built-in Yamaha Education Suite. Play along with any one of 100 built-in songs. A six-track sequencer makes it possible to create multi-tracked compositions. Built-in speakers make it truly portable. The PSR-290 is designed for anyone looking for a keyboard with an amazing piano sound, along with hundreds of other great sounds.


Portable Grand™

All Yamaha portable keyboards feature the powerful Portable Grand, the most realistic piano sound available on a portable instrument. Just press the piano-shaped button to get the rich sound and effect of playing a competition-caliber Yamaha grand piano at Carnegie Hall.

Incredible Sound and Versatility

Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology delivers simply stunning instrument sounds. The PSR290 is loaded with 605 sounds, so you’ll never run out of musical ideas or tone colors. Top musicians in Tokyo, Los Angeles and London designed the 135 authentic rhythm styles included on the PSR290. With the touch of a button you can reproduce realistic rhythm and backgrounds — from Ragtime and Reels to Rap and R&B and everything in between. And all these wonderful sounds are pumped through an on-board 2-way speaker system with bass ports.

Yamaha Education Suite™ (YES-2™)

Yamaha Music Schools have been teaching music around the world since the 1950’s, so Yamaha knows music education. We used our experience to create the Yamaha Education Suite (YES-2) built in to the PSR290. YES-2 features 7-step piano lessons. You can learn any of the 100 built-in songs, or learn to play songs you download from the Internet and store in the built-in flash ROM. YES-2 will even grade your performance. Don’t panic, YES-2 will be gentle. — Grade levels range from ‘O.K.’ to ‘Excellent.’

PC Button for easy connection to a PC

The PC Button allows you to easily connect your PSR290 to a PC. Once connected to a PC, you can play along with song files from the Internet, record MIDI files on your PC, or even take online piano lessons (software sold separately). Check out Yamaha’s PC Music Studio Kit to get a connection cable, MIDI recording software and Piano teaching software all in one convenient, money-saving package.

Music Database™

Music Database lets virtually anyone sound like a professional musician while playing over 200 styles of music. You just select a song style and Music Database selects the best rhythm, effects, instruments and arrangement.

Other Great Features you won’t want to live without:

  • Flash ROM to download songs from the Internet. Store up to 99 Songs (Max)
  • On-board sequencer (song recorder) records up to 5 songs in 6 tracks.
  • Headphone and sustain pedal jacks (Headphone and sustain pedal sold separately.)
  • 2-way stereo speakers with bass ports for big, full sound.

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